New Professional range:


single-section and manual


extension ladders


KTL-Ladders presents, in its new Professional range, its range of single-section and manual extension ladders, with 7, 9 and 11 rungs. Built in aluminium with 58x25 and 64x25 mm. profiles. (according to the reference), crimped rungs of 29x28 mm. and exclusive sliding and anchor system.

There are designed for a professional use according to standard EN-131 and they have a 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects. The Professional range of KTL-Ladders is at a higher level.

Thanks to extensive experience from Kettal ladders, in KTL-Ladders we have a large range of ladders for professional and industrial/intensive use, manufactured in Valencia (Spain): single-section ladders, extension ladders, transformable ladders, combination 2 and 3 sections ladders, stepladders, double access ladders, platform ladders, multi-purpose ladders, etc.