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After more than nearly 50 years manufacturing and marketing ladders for the industry, the commerce, the office and home, the aim of the new society KTL-Ladders is, from the specialization, to boost the business of the aluminium mobile ladders, platforms and scaffolds by keeping the highest standards of quality and an optimum service level, improving the competitiveness of the product. All our products meet safety requirements of the respective european standards and there are planned and specifically designed for an intensive use by the professional. Safety and design at a higher level.


Our system of Quality assurance has been certified by the european standard EN ISO 9001 and all our products have minimum 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Quality and security at a higher level. 






With 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects, the ladders from the INDUSTRIAL range have been designed for a continuous and intensive use. Maximum security to the service of the commercial, industrial and construction maintenance.



The ladders from the PROFESSIONAL range have a 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects and have been designed for normal use in reform workings, workshop, trade, office and industry maintenance.