New mobile work steps


platform 60º


KTL Ladders presents its new mobile work steps platform 60º. It is constructed with aluminium profiles of 100x25 mm., anti-slip rungs of 200 mm. and stabilizing base of 100x100 mm. with wheels Ø150 mm. (with brake). It has a large platform of 60x65 cm. with guardrails. The stretch of the ascent has an inclination of 60 ° which makes easy the access to the ladder in intensive use. It has also an handrail for greater comfort and security, as well as handles to facilitate its movement. It is fixe and it is designed to support 150 Kg.

There are manufactured in Spain according to standards EN 131 and EN 14122 and they have a 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects. The Mobile platform ladders of KTL-Ladders are at a higher level.

KTL-Ladders has a large range of work platform, platform ladders, warehouse ladders and special ladders, specially designed for procurement and replenishment of shelves, and maintenance of equipment and installations works.