New Mobile platform ladder


single-sided access


We introduce you our new range of Mobile platform ladders single sided access. The Mobile platform ladders of KTL-Ladders have an inclination of 68 ° in the stretch of the ascent, they are constructed with trustworthy aluminium profiles, the rungs are 80 mm wide, the wheels have a 125 mm diameter, the platform is 60x60 or 60x90 with aluminium floor with non-slip relieves, socket 15 cm height, guardrails and handrails. There are available in 3 and 10 rungs and from 2,74 to 4,49 m of working height.

The Mobile platform ladders allow access convenient and safely to machinery, installations or shelves thanks to the inclination of 87º in the support stretch. There are manufactured in Spain according to standards EN 131 and EN 14122 and there have a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The Mobile platform ladders of KTL-Ladders are at a higher level.

KTL-Ladders has a large range of platform ladders with wheels specially designed for tasks of warehouse and industrial and commercial maintenance works.