New mobile tower of


aluminium DOS·65


KTL-Ladders presents, inside the Industrial series, its new aluminium scaffold DOS·65. It is constructed with rectangular pipes of 65x25 and it has lateral and diagonal transoms able to be positioned very quickly, platform with phenolic board of 153x76,5 cm., with folding socle of aluminium, stabilizers (according to model) and wheels of ø150 mm., with brake. Optionally, you can fit levelers on the base.

The aluminium mobile towers DOOS·65 are designed to support 200 Kg / m ², in agreement to the standard UNE EN 1004 Class 3, being able to reach up to 10,4 m. of height of work.

The whole range of ladders, platforms, scaffolds and mobile towers of the industrial series of KTL-Ladders is designed for an intensive use and has a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. There are products to a higher level.