New XL-S warehouse ladder


from KTL-Ladders


KTL-Ladders presents, in its Professional range, its new range of XL-S warehouse ladders , which is , considering as a base the new XL stepladder for intensive use, manufactured with aluminium profiles of 79x28 and 58x25 mm., screwed rungs of 80 mm. and platform of 30x30 cm. It is provided with a tray for tools, rails of ø25 mm. and wheels of ø80 mm. for a top safety, versatility and comfort in the access, the use and the transport.

All the range of industrial ladders has been designed for an intensive use according to the Standard EN 131 and has a 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects. 

The new XL-S stepladder from KTL-Ladders is at a higher level.